Camille M. Quamina, Clinical Psychologist


I had a chat with Dominique Roy on the impact of Crime on Children and Young Adults on the AM Prime Morning Show on WESN. You can check it out below. ✨️

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Mental Health Matters 


In this episode, Arlene Holman chats with Clinical Psychologist Camille M. Quamina, we talk about what is Mental Health, the impact on our overall health, dealing with trauma, the need to manage ourselves as we live our lives, and so much more. Do you know that just the way we take great pains to care for our Physical Health, is similarly, the way we also need to guard our Mental Health? Have a listen you will be truly enlightened. 

Mindfulness activities are meant to bring your awareness to the ‘here and now’ or present moment. This type of refocusing can be especially helpful to persons who experience debilitating worry or fear from thoughts about the future (also known as anxiety) as it redirects from this type of worry about the future to the present moment.
Adult colouring is an example of a type of mindfulness activity and it is also one of my personal faves! ✨

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